Every year, the participants in the band workshop class open the dance on New Year’s Eve. Here are links to recordings of the tunes that we’d like to use so you can give them a listen ahead of time if you’d like.

We encountered “Mile of Smiles” playing for an English dance earlier this year and had so much fun with it that we decided to bring it to camp with us. The Lisa Ornstein/ Dan Compton album, “The Magic Paintbrush” is a favorite of ours – especially many of the jigs. We’re also planning to revisit “Sailing on the Tide,” by Bellowhead, one of our favorite English bands.

See you at camp!


Mile of Smiles (Dave Wiesler)

Sailing on the Tide (Bellowhead)


The Walk Home (Daniel Compton)

Fran’s Cup of Tea (Daniel Compton)

Jimmy Ward’s (trad.)


Valse A l’Envers (Frédéric Paris)